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Why? Yiufi app

The price of gasoline is constantly fluctuating, however it has stabilized at a higher level than we have been used to in previous years. The war and political situation shows that this trend will continue in the next period, bringing businesses and households in front of a difficult equation. All drivers and vehicle owners have asked themselves at some point "where to find the cheapest petrol" or "where to put good fuel". But rarely is there an answer based on data, at least to a greater extent than based on experience. "With the eye", as the people say. But we live in the era of data that has entered the lives of individuals and businesses and based on which productive decisions are more likely to be made. But our era is not only the era of data, but also the era of applications, apps. When data in the fuel space meets an application, Yiufi emerges, the most useful tool in every driver's and vehicle owner's pocket. It is a well-designed and functional application that brings the "rudder" of the right choice to the thumb of each user. There is no person who does not want the best possible choice for their car and their transportation. Therefore, there is no person who does not need Yiufi. By downloading the application, you have on your mobile screen all the information you need about fuel prices, the quality of petrol and the offers of the gas stations that interest you. In this way, everyone can configure their route and their time according to their needs and the service station's facilities, making the choice easier and more certain. The application is configured in such a way that it personalizes the information returned to the user based on his own preferences. And this is what sets it apart, making it the most valuable tool in the fuel space.

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So, Yiufi

Yiufi is a useful, modern and efficient tool in the hands of gas station owners and managers. It brings drivers and gas stations into the same "space", which is none other than the mobile phone screen


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