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So, Yiufi

Yiufi is a useful, modern and efficient tool in the hands of gas station owners and managers. It brings drivers and gas stations into the same "space", which is none other than the mobile phone screen that each of us has, and promotes the gas station's offers and benefits to a large pool of potential customers. Now, everything (content and shopping) is on mobile, but everyone (customers and prospects) is also on mobile. Search engines and directories are not enough because if they were enough there wouldn't be so many platforms for food, shopping for electronics, furniture, books. Even the services of the state are now on our mobile phones. So something more specialized, personalized, interactive and aesthetically upgraded is needed. That's exactly what Yiufi is. It puts the gas station on the user-customer's mobile phone, on the city map, highlights the company's offers, helps it get its own "space" on the internet and utilizes 100% of its resources, knowing information to better manage human resources and its stock. The best weapon for the businessman who wants to lead the market and never lose!

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