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EV vehicles... the future

Electric vehicles and electric car charging stations are something new that is already entering our lives, cities and highways, changing motoring, city planning and automotive entrepreneurship. The green transition and green energy choices are the future, and therefore, from now on, we will increasingly see these images that we once called "images from the future". Charging the car is a more time-consuming process than filling the gasoline engine. Therefore, there is a whole "bouquet" of activities and benefits around a charging station, so that the user can make efficient use of the waiting time. From supermarkets and cafes that gas stations already have, to hair salons, beauty centers, pet friendly restaurants and business meeting places. This new type of activity opens up opportunities but also creates needs. A very basic need that arises is communication. The user - customer to come into contact with the product and the services provided, to familiarize himself with the space and time and to get the maximum possible satisfaction provided to him. Yiufi is the application that brings all this to our mobile phone, connects today with tomorrow in motoring and provides a comprehensive picture of the market and its services. An interesting toolbox that makes life easier for every driver and every entrepreneur in the automotive and energy field.

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